about JOE.


the short (yet long) story.

this all started with a word. "JOE." it seemingly came out of nowhere, was quite random indeed, but it was so clear. the next words that followed were "Jesus Over Everything." If there was any confusion surrounding the word "JOE." this phrase now cleared it all up. 

The random word "JOE." now stood for something bigger than me, bigger than anything previously known. In an instant I knew that whatever would come of this word, of this phrase, my life and many other lives would never be the same. 

Time went by and the ringing of JOE. did not go away. Jesus did not go away. So, I got to work. 

A lot of this work took place in my heart, in my thoughts, and in my creative place. 

what does "Jesus Over Everything." mean? not only that, what would the world look like if more people lived their lives, our lives with Jesus Over Everything? 

I was on a mission to find out. I am on a mission to find out.

so far, what I do know is that when you seek God, God will show up. you will begin to know Him and by knowing Him, you will come to know yourself.

our heart behind this ministry is that people all around the world would begin to seek God rightly, find Him, learn about Him, know Him, and in the end know their truest identity in Christ. 

we are after the ones who are searching, are lost, are hurting, are wondering, are wandering, are unheard, are unseen, are unknown. the ones who are looking for something more, something bigger, something greater, something lasting. 

Well, the answer is Jesus and will always be Jesus. 

We welcome you into the JOE. family.

here, you are free to be loved and to be yourself. 

we are on a mission to build a community that knows the true love of God, self, and others. 

the journey is not easy, but it is worth it. 

join our family, but more than that, join God's family. 

With Love,

Alexandra Champion

Jesus Over Everything Co. - Seek God First and Be Known.