our heart.
our heart behind this ministry is to simply share the message of Jesus Christ.
we hope to have the opportunity to create different community gatherings on the ground in Houston, Tx. each gathering may look different, but they will all be centered around one thing. that one thing is the life and love of Christ. 
as we have more and more gatherings, we want to build a community of believers who have learned what it means to live life while keeping Jesus Over Everything.
we also want to equip believers to not only be hearers, but doers of the world.
what would our communities and world look like if more of us lived life with Jesus Over Everything? 
we whole-heartedly believe that anything is possible with Jesus. if we give Him the chance He can and will do powerful things through us in this world.
and, we want to walk alongside God in equipping people with the tools to create real change in our communities. 
Jesus Over Everything Co. - Seek God First and Be Known.