welcome to JOE.

hi all,

welcome to JOE. Jesus Over Everything Co.

thank you for joining our family.

we are more than a brand. we are a ministry.

our heart for JOE. is to create a space both on the internet and on the ground for people to ask themselves and to ask others what it means to put Jesus Over Everything. 

in my own life, I have often wondered what it would look like if I truly put Jesus Over Everything. I have yet to walk perfectly in this, but over time I have grown by the grace of God, and the more I experience walking with the Lord throughout the daily moments of my life, the more I see the beauty in putting Him first. 

I believe whole-heartedly that as we seek God first and put him first, we will begin to learn more about ourselves and will begin to take the true form of who God created each one of us to be.

when we seek we will find. that is a promise from the Father himself. And, when we find, we will be known. we will be known by the one who created us (although He has known us before we were ever born.), we will be known by ourselves, and we will be known by others. what a wonderful thought to put our hope in.

so, I pray that the Lord will use JOE. as a vessel. a vessel that pours out His truth, love, and light to those who have been lost, those who are lost, those who are searching, and those who are found. may we all be welcomed into the family, God's family and know that He is waiting for all of us to learn about His love, receive His love, and give His love. I hope we also begin to truly believe that we are seen, known, and heard, by the one who loves us most. 

let us press on in peace, love, hope, faith, and joy.

praise be to the Father!



Jesus Over Everything

Seek God First & Be Known.

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